All photos from the personal collection of Hanshi William J. Dometrich
and Meiyo Hanshi Barbara E. Dometrich unless otherwise noted.

Backyard training
Backyard training at O-Sensei's home.
The original Chito-kai hombu.

Shimizu Army Base
O-Sensei in center, to his right is Shane Higashi current head of the Canadian Chito-kai. Camp Shimizu Army Base, Kumamoto, Japan

Seisan training c. 1950
Seisan training c. 1950

Niseishi training c.1950
Niseishi training 1950


O-Sensei and Gogen Yamaguchi 1954
Gogen Yamaguchi and O-Sensei 1954

O-Sensei,Higa,Uehara,Nakahune c.1960
Left to Right: Nakahune, Uehara, Higa, O-Sensei early 1960's

Hawaii 1961
O-Sensei seated in the center, Tommy Morita standing to his left, James Miyagi seated on the left
Hawaii 1961. Photo Courtesy of James Miyagi

Hawaii 1961. O-Sensei and Thomas Morita seated center.  Photo courtesy of Richard K. Kikkawa.

O-Sensei c. 1961 Hawaii. Photo courtesy of Richard K. Kikkawa.

1963 at the original Dojo at 8th and Madison in Covington, Ky. Seated next to Hanshi on his left is a brown belt Clyde Powell, who became Hanshi's very first Black Belt.
To his right is Herb Duncan. (Photo from the Dometrich family album)

Tsuruoka 1965
Masami Tsuruoka Sensei c. 1965

O-Sensei c. 1965

O-Sensei c. 1965

Shinichi Kumanomeido and Al Johnson - Canadian Shiai c.1965 (Photo courtesy of Wayne Witherby)

Photo dated Sept. 1966 O-Sensei seated center.

O-Sensei's backyard 1966
Kumamoto, Japan, O-Sensei's backyard. September 1966.

O-Sensei, Nakamura Sensei, Yamamoto Sensei
O-Sensei seated in the center, Yamamoto Sensei to his right, Nakamura Sensei to his left.

O-Sensei and Yamamoto 1967
O-Sensei and Yamamoto Sensei
U.S. Hombu Dojo, Covington, KY USA
Kentucky Post Newspaper, 1967

O-Sensei and Taira Shinken
O-Sensei and Taira Shinken
Photo courtesy of Koukichi Takara.

O-Sensei center and Kato Sensei to his left

O-Sensei, seated third from right, Tashiro Sensei to his right

O-Sensei and Nakahara Sensei

Kyoshi & O-Sensei US Hombu 1967
O-Sensei and Kyoshi Dometrich at the U.S. Hombu Dojo, 1967.

Higashi, O-Sensei, Kugizaki
Left to right: Higashi Sensei, O-Sensei, Kugizaki Sensei

Seated center: Tsuruoka Sensei, O-Sensei, Yamamoto Sensei.  1967. Photo courtesy of Michael Colling.

Ottawa Canada 1967.  L to R. Cleroux Sensei,  Yamamoto sensei, O-Sensei, Tsuruoka Sensei, Andre Langelier (far right). Photo courtesy of Michael Colling.

1967. Covington, KY Mayor receiving honorary Chito-ryu membership. Yamamoto Sensei, O-Sensei, Dometrich Hanshi.

1967 - William Dometrich and Dr. Chitose (Photo courtesy of Wayne Witherby)

Mike Foster and Mamoru Yamamoto seated in chairs, Barabara Dometrich seated at Yamamoto Sensei's left, Vickie Broz and Sandy Collis seated in front - Toronto 1967

Mamoru Yamamoto Toronto 1967

Masami Tsuruoka and Mamoru Yamamoto - Toronto 1967

1967 Tournament in Covington, Ky. (Photo from the Dometrich family album)
Front row: Al Johnson, Hanshi Dometrich, Robert Fryer
Second row: Loyd Bridges, Billy Rott, Howard Fox, unknown
Third row: unknown, Wayne Witherby, Herb Duncan, Ken Amick

O'Sensei and Mamoru Yamamoto at Cincinnati Airport 1967

Howard Fox and Joe Copeland - Yoseikan Hombu Dojo - Covington KY 1968 (Photo courtesy of Wayne Witherby)