Arakaki Seisho lived from 1840 - 1918 or 20. Arakaki was born in either Kummura Village, Okinawa, or the island of Sesoku. He was a member of the royal court in Okinawa, and thus held the title of "Chikudon Peichin." Being fluent in Chinese, Arakaki was requested to go to China by the court in 1870.

In China it is believe that Arakaki studied Monk Fist Boxing and the only name associated with his training is Wai Xinxian from Fuzhou.

Dr. Chitose's training under Arakaki began in 1905 when he was 7 and continued training until 1914 whereby a disagreement lead to Dr. Chitose's departure.

From Arakaki, Dr. Chitose learned the kata's Seisan, Niseishi, Shihohai, and Sanchin. Dr. Chitose's training began with Seisan kata, which he was instructed in for seven years before being taught another kata.

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