No doubt, 2004 has been a splendid year. It was initiated by Hanshi Dometrich's celebrating the 25th Kangeiko Anniversary. Then, it was highlighted, most recently, by our collective outstanding performance at The DNBK All America and International Division Butoku Sai. Moreover, our March, July and October events continued our tradition of combining first class training, with an eclectic curriculum.

Now, as we look forward to the dawn of 2005, we expect a bright future, building upon foundations of the past. No doubt, the essential nucleus of our 2004 success is still intact. Our prophesy for uninterrupted progress in 2005 rests squarely upon the continued sage insights of our Leader, Hanshi Dometrich and the tireless self sacrifice of Kyoshi Dometrich, Okusan. They deserve our loyalty and maximum efforts

At this holiday season of light, I wish peace and happiness to you and your families. I look forward to cooperating with each of you as we continue to move forward together to achieve our goals.

L.C.Hawkins,Jr., Kyoshi

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