On October 9, 1999 the United States Chito-Ryu Karate-do Federation witnessed the dawn of a glorious new day.  On that date, Dr. Tesshin Hamada, Hanshi and Director of the International and USA Divisions of the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai, (DNBK) announced the promotion of our Chief Instructor and Co-Founder, William J. Dometrich to Hachi Dan (8th level black belt), bestowing upon him the new title “Hanshi”.  Hamada Hanshi explained that this event marks the first time that the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai has ever elevated a non-Japanese to this grade and title.  Thus, this is a truly landmark event. 

As the U.S. Chito-Kai looks to the future, anticipating unprecedented enrollment growth rates, as well as the further development of world class curriculum and instruction, we take great pride in being so firmly anchored in the great 1,200 year old historic traditions of the most noble samurai.  Therefore, we all celebrate the magnificent, well deserved honor bestowed upon our Leader by Hamada Hanshi. 

Importantly, Dometrich Hanshi’s recently reinforced linkages with the DNBK budo-ka provide strategically advantageous personal relationships with many martial artists of the very highest caliber.  This bodes extremely well for the U.S. Chito-Kai in terms of individual enrichment and development of breakthrough curriculum development synergies.  Clearly, I personally benefited tremendously from the diverse budo disciplines that I was able to witness, as various groups performed karate-do, judo, aikido, jui-jitsu and kobudo, as well as allusions having been made to analogous attitudes, spirit and energy drawn from kendo and iaido. 

Net, as a result of the wisdom, insight, personal energy, drive and perseverance of our highest leader, William J. Dometrich, Hanshi, we of the U.S. Chito-Kai are the beneficiaries and recipients of a very bright legacy indeed.  There is no limit to what we can achieve. 

Thank you Dometrich Hanshi for providing these opportunities for us! 

Dometrich Hanshi: Banzai!! 

                                                                        Lawrence C. Hawkins, Jr.
                                                                     Roku-Dan, Renshi
                                                                       Chairman Emeritus, U.S. Chito-kai

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