From the U.S. Chito-kai Chairman...

U.S. Chito-Ryu Karate-do Federation

1997 Direction Setting

With the inspiration, insight, and encouragement of Founders William J. Dometrich, Kyoshi and Barbara E. Dometrich, Shihan, the U.S. Chito-Kai National Leadership Team has developed and has begun to deploy the following organizational alignment documents:

1. Mission Statement (permanent)

2. Vision Statement (4-5 year horizon)

3. Objectives and Goals

4. Operating Principles

A synopsis of each follows:

Mission: Preserve and promulgate the techniques of our style’s founder, O Sensei, Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose.

Vision: Provide aft Passed martial arts experience for our members.


1. Highly skilled students

2. Appropriate curriculum

3. Proficient instructors

4. Competent business operations

5. Improved enrollment and retention

6. Improved internal collaboration

Operating Principles: Mutual respect and interdependence.

We are now entering the strategy development and action planing phase of our organizational development work; however, we have already begun to experience some profound benefits as a result of initiating these processes. Our personal energy levels are high; we look toward the future with appropriate confidence and determination.


Lawrence C. Hawkins, Jr.,Esq.
5th Dan, Shihan
Chairman (Emeritus), U.S. Chito-kai

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