The following is a letter from O-Sensei to the United States Chito-kai c.1973...

It is already more than twenty years since I first determined to devote my life to leading young boys and girls by training their bodies and minds through Karate-do, O-Sensei Tsuyoshi ChitoseChito-ryu.

Fortunately, by the help of all of you All Japan Karate-do Federation, Chito-kai has developed into what it is now.

May I explain roughly about Chito-ryu? Old Arakaki, my former teacher who was a great master of karate in Okinawa told me that it had been one thousand years since ‘tote’ (you can also read it karate) had been first introduced from the Chinese foreign dynasty. That is why our Karate-do we named Chito-ryu. (‘chi’ means one thousand, ‘to’ - China, ryu - style)

Karate in Okinawa used to have two big sources, Shorin - ryu or ‘te’ (hand) of Shuri and Shorei-ryu or ‘te’ (hand) of Naha.

I considered that both had merits and demerits. Therefore, I resolved to study Chito-ryu from the standpoint of physiology and anatomy and I have been trying to spread it all over the world.

The future of all the nations depends upon sound bodies and minds of young boys and girls.

Our Chito-kai emphasizes the spirit of courtesy, peace and patience, and our arts are constructed from the standpoint of physiology.

It aims to elevate virtue and to enrich aesthetic sentiments through training, and to mold healthy and effective character.

I am determined to make more efforts to answer your understanding and trust.

I am grateful to you for your hospitality when I attended the United States Chito-kai Championships.

I know I am asking too much, but I would like you to cooperate with us for the development of Chito-kai.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose
Founder, Chito-ryu Karate-do