Our Mission:

All members of the United States Chito-ryu Karate Federation shall be guided by the insight of Doctor Tsuyoshi Chitose (O-Sensei) whose dedication established our past, whose genius determines our present, and whose vision shapes our future. We will preserve his place in karate history. We shall preserve the kata and techniques of our style's founder, O-Sensei, and guide our students in the development of the proper spirit and technique as established by William J. and Barbara E. Dometrich (U.S. Chito-kai founders), and as interpreted by the U.S. Shihan-kai and taught by the U.S. Chief Instructor and promulgate Chito-ryu wherever possible.
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U.S. Chito-kai Karate Federation
Recent News / Updates:

If you are planning to attend the funeral for Devorah, please wear your U.S. Chito-kai dress suit (Women are no longer required to wear their tie.) If you are unable to wear your U.S. Chito-kai dress suit, please wear grey slacks with a blue polo shirt or attire appropriate for the occasion.

In Lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made in memory of Devorah to Cancer Research of the donor's choice.

If you are planning to attend the celebration of life at My Old KY Barn, please RSVP number attending to 813-318-1916. Food will be served.

Upcoming event(s):
    June 22, 2024 - Audra W.V. Clinic
    July 20, 2024 - Shochugeiko


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