Proposed Guidelines for Dojo Opening

April 28, 2020
Dear Chito-Kai members,
What a difference a week makes because About a week ago I was hearing that gyms may be allowed to open in the Commonwealth about May 1, but obviously the Commonwealth bumped gyms into the category with salons and who knows now when I can legally open. The attached outline contains the procedures that will be in place whenever I decide to open. One additional procedure that will be required is that face masks will need to be worn. Other procedures may be implemented, but I prefer to wait and see what the governor says when he approves the opening of gyms. From what I am hearing, I may have to present to the Commonwealth my opening procedures including what precautions will be taken upon opening and I will need time to sort all this out. Once I am satisfied that I can legally open I will be in touch with you to announce a date. I look forward to seeing you so our training can continue down the path.
When I do open the dojo, business cannot be conducted in the same manner prior to COVID 19. Some of my selfimposed operation guidelines follow and are subject to change. These guidelines are designed to protect you, me and follow the social distancing guidelines that will remain in effect.
  1. Classes will need to be smaller so white, yellow and orange will train for 40 minutes and 5 minutes to bow out and change and leave the dojo. Another 40-minute session will follow for green and brown belts and 5 minutes to bow out. Finally a session for black belts will occur allowing for bowing out by 8:30. All instructors must adhere to the training schedule. I will let you know the start times later.
  2. There can be no loitering in the dojo and sitting across from my workstation.
  3. Family members who do not train and or not there to train cannot wait in the dojo for a family member to finish training.
  4. All present should Continue to keep their distance of 6 feet.
  5. Classes will not involve partner drills. Sanban kumite, kaisetz, bunkai, are included in this ban. Anything that involves a partner will be prohibited.
  6. After classes there will be a disinfecting wipe-down. Normal cleaning can occur during any class session as determined by the instructor or shared by the groups.
  7. If you are sick DO NOT COME TO THE DOJO! It does not matter whether you think you have some sickness unrelated to COVID 19. This does not include prolonged illness battles like cancer. However, if you believe that you are at high risk should COVID 19 enter your system, you should decide what social distancing means to you.
While training, all students need to stay 6 feet away from each other. If a group is too large to accomplish this on the main deck, then the group can be divided and some sent to the upper deck.
When the State of Ky, says that a business such as ours can open I am sure they will have set guidelines that we must follow.
For those who are training doing what they know, you are continuing down the path and getting better. You are also maintaining your health and muscle fiber so that when we train together your system will not be shocked by the long shutdown.
We are all in this together and no one more them myself wants to see the dojo back as it once was, but to get there we must all cooperate with what is to be the new normal.
Regards to all, stay healthy