Chito-ryu Camp at Audra State Park

Now that the West Virginia camp is over and each of us is recovering from one of the nicest weekends with members of Chito-ryu from: Ft. Bragg, North Carolina; Crozet, Virginia; Bridgeport Yoseikan, West Virginia; Yoseikan Anderson ,Ohio; the Honbu; and Herve Stephanus from France. This was not the largest group that we have had, but it was the most family orientated one. It was a great bonding experience for all involved. All went well until the last half hour when the training was finished up in a blinding rain storm. All was good though as everyone was planning on spending some time in the river afterward, so water was of no concern. If you missed it this year, start planning for next year. You will not regret it.

Thanks go out to Shihan Drummond and Shihan Messinger for hosting the group once again. They are excellent hosts.

Thanks go out to Kyoshi Kembre for scheduling the teaching groups as well as here assistants: Shihan Drummond, Shihan Ernest and Renshi Schmidt.

The cook out had excellent food and we were treated to a concert by our own Matthew Cowherd from the Honbu.


The National Chito-kai annual Shochugeiko and picnic occurred on Saturday, July 15th. The weather was beautiful and the event was well attended by members of the USCK from near and far in addition to some of our karate "cousins" from other styles. The clinic was broken down into four sections (kihon, kata, bunkai & kobudo) and when it was all over, everyone relaxed under the picnic shelter to enjoy a bountiful meal and lively conversation.

Youth Tournament

On Saturday, June 10th, Sensei David Edwards held a Youth Tournament in Louisville, Ky. Meiyo Hanshi Dometrich, Kyoshi Kembre and Renshi Schmidt travelled with Cage and Bailey Spicer to participate. Cage and Bailey were coached by Kyoshi Kembre while Renshi Schmidt served as one of the referee's and judge's for the tournament. The United States Chito-kai and the Honbu dojo was well represented by Cage and Bailey. Many senior referees and judges noticed and commented that they did a great job with humility and respect. Awards received:

Event Participant Award
Team Kata Cage and Bailey Gold Medal
Individual Kata Cage Gold Medal
Bailey Silver Medal
Kumite Cage Gold Medal
Bailey Silver Medal
Bo Kata Cage Bronze Medal
Bailey Silver Medal

Parkinson's Steady Strides 5K

Above: Jet & Reagan, Yoseikan Anderson Dojo       Above: Sammy & Lindsey Cowherd, Honbu Dojo

Thanks to everyone who participated or donated money to make this year's Parkinson's Steady Strides 5K a success! As many of you know, Hanshi Dometrich suffered from Parkinson's disease, so it's important to all of us to continue to support this event that helps fund programs, services and research to help those living with Parkinson's live well. This year our team, Hanshi's Heroes, raised a total of $3,750 (exceeding our goal by $750)! Kyoshi Kembre did a great job organizing our involvement in the event.

May Black Belt Class

On Saturday, May 6th, the last Black Belt class of the season was held at the Honbu dojo. 16 members attended. Kyoshi Hawkins also stopped by to pay his respects. The class started off with Chito-ryu basics, Kihon no empi and Shihowari. All Chito-ryu kata, from Shi ho Hai to Kusanku. Kyoshi Kembre once again had the pedal to the metal. It was a cool 59 degree May day but the energy created by her instruction soon had the training area a sweaty, humid, balmy paradise. She kept reminding everyone how to improve their technique and near the end of the training had everyone partner up to explore bunkai of their next test kata. Just before bowing out, Kyoshi Kembre shared some ideas her father, Hanshi Dometrich, had written regarding training and teaching which can also be found in the Founders Forum. The Black Belt class season has come full circle so mark your calendars for September 9th, 2017. Training with your fellow Yudansha is all about sweating together, striving to improve each individual's technique, exploring applications, motivating each other to be our very best and sharing camaraderie when the sweat is gone.

April Black Belt Class

No fooling around, class began with Kyoshi Beshears repeating from the last black belt class his important lesson about posture. As karateka, good posture and proper breathing will improve one's technique. Kyoshi Beshears explained the importance of the position of the pelvis, tightening of the abdomen, position of the shoulders and chin and used that familiar imaginary string at the top of one's head to align the spine. Keeping this alignment in mind, we progressed to Seisan kata and then worked some applications from this kata as the first hour of class concluded. He emphasized not to make power, but to unleash your power. Renshi Schmidt taught the second hour and continued the theme of good posture and proper breathing by starting with Sanchin kata. He explained that Sanchin breathing sets proper pelvis alignment and we should stride to utilize this breathing in conjunction with shoulder and chin alignment to improve posture and technique in everything we do. Renshi Schmidt said that because of its pace, Sanchin kata is an easy kata to practice posture, yet it is our hardest kata to correctly perform because of the "three battles" inherent to the kata. We then performed faster paced kata, Tenshin and Sochin, utilizing proper breathing and maintaining posture. The last few minutes of this session concluded with wrist escapes emphasizing using one's core as the source of strength. May 6, will be the last Black Belt class of this season. It would be nice to see a big turn out for this one, These classes are held 9 time of the year, we like to have as many Black Belts attend as possible, If you have your own dojo, you should attend at least two times or more if it fits into your schedule a season. Our plans at the Honbu is to continue with these classes that Hanshi Dometrich started many years ago, to give the Instructors a place to meet and exchange ideas at least once a month, something out of the ordinary, from regular dojo practice. Take advantage when your schedule allows.


The members, family and friends of the U.S. Chito-kai wish to express our sincere condolences to the Hawkins family for the loss of Mrs. Earline Thompson Hawkins, mother of Kyoshi Hawkins and grandmother to Shihan Hawkins and Lauren Hawkins.

Hanshi Dometrich 5th Memorial Clinic

The Hanshi Dometrich 5th Memorial Clinic was held at the Radisson in Covington, KY on Saturday, March 18th. The teaching staff of Kyoshi Sherry (Dometrich) Kembre, Renshi Eric Ford, Shihan Lawrence Hawkins III, Shihan Paul Knecht and Sensei Bill DiGrezio did an excellent job. Devorah Dometrich put together a beautiful flower arrangement for the memorial table and Kathy and Paul Webster handled the setup at the Honbu for the gathering afterward. Many travelled from far and wide to be in attendance.

March Black Belt Class

A nice size group of karateka fought through the gridlocked traffic caused by the early morning snow and ice to participate in the March Black Belt Class held at the honbu dojo on Saturday, March 4th. The class started off with Shihan Collis doing three step sparring and speed drills. Kyoshi Beshears then went into explaining the importance of posture and relating it to the Niseishi kata and bunkai. Renshi Meade ended the class with Potsai kata and bunkai. After class, many participants stayed to continue training and exchange thoughts and ideas.

The Passing of Yamamoto Sensei

The greater Chito-ryu community lost a great man and teacher when Mamoru Yamamoto passed away on February 12, 2017. Yamamoto Sensei began training in Chito-ryu at the age of fifteen and quickly became one of O'Sensei's top students. Later he opened his own school and in the early 1970's left the Chito-kai federation to found his own style of karate known as Yoshukai. Our condolences go out to Yamamoto Sensei's family, his students and the Yoshukai organization.

February Black Belt Class

A black belt class was held at the Honbu dojo on Saturday, February 4th. To start things off, Renshi Eric Ford led the group in warm-ups followed by deck drills and partner work on mae-geri, yoko-gerri, mawashi-gerri and ushiro-gerri. Kyoshi Sherry Kembre took the next segment and worked the group through several kata. Finally, to finish things up, Renshi John Wellbrock instructed and then led the group through Sanchin kata. It was a nice size group that attended with students from several local dojos. Remember, black belt classes are held on the first Saturday of the month from September through May (consult the events calendar for exact dates).



Kangeiko was held at the Honbu Dojo on Friday, January 27th through Saturday, January, 28th. The group may have been small this year but the camaraderie was high starting at the spaghetti dinner on Friday night all the way through to the breakfast on Saturday morning. The training and instruction were outstanding. Thanks to the instructors: Renshi John Wellbrock, Shihan Michael Messinger and assistant instructor Sensei Bill DiGrezio. Also, thanks to the kitchen staff supervised by Kathy Webster and assisted by Renshi Gerald Mead, Shihan Kevin Drummond and Shihan Shawna Lingo.

New "Titles" for Meiyo Hanshi (Okusan) and Kyoshi Kembre

Emma Rowan Hartledge was born on January 22nd, 2017 and at the same time bestowed the new title of "Great Grandmother" to Meiyo Hanshi Barbara Dometrich and "Grandmother" to Kyoshi Sherry (Dometrich) Kembre. The members of the USCK are happy to welcome this new addition to the Dometrich family and are glad that baby, mother, father, grandmother and great-grandmother are all doing well.

Kagami Biraki at Crozet Yoseikan

Crozet Yoseikan hosted it's first Kagami Baraki on Saturday January 14th, 2017. Approximately 15 karateka of varying rank took part in this training to welcome the New Year. Students focused on kihon, bag training, sparring drills, and kumite awareness. A great time was had by all as Sensei Erin Hagedorn and Sensei Richard Rike led the training at their Greenwood, Va. dojo Location.

Kagami Biraki at Yoseikan Anderson

On Sunday, January 8th, 2017, Renshi Eric Ford joined Shihan Shawna Lingo in putting on a Kagami Biraki workout at Yoseikan Anderson. Afterward, participants, friends and family joined in on a potluck dinner including LaRosa's pizza.

Kagami Biraki

On Saturday, January 7th, 2017 at the Chito-ryu Honbu, 43 participants came out in the cold 4 degree weather to train and celebrate the New Year. It was gratifying to see so much camaraderie and enthusiasm. The class was taught in four segments by Kyoshi Sherry (Dometrich) Kembre of Chito-ryu, Kyoshi Melvin Lewis of Louisville Shotokan, Hanshi Dwight Holly of Cincinnati Shotokan and Kyoshi Jerry Beshears of Chito-ryu. Members from the Chito-ryu Honbu, Yoseikan of Cincinnati, Yoseikan Anderson, Cincinnati Shotokan, Louisville Shotokan and Northern Kentucky Karate Club all participated. Afterward, there was plenty of food and stories shared of Hanshi Dometrich and the times that he made a memorable impact on our lives.

Celebrating a Milestone

Meiyo Hanshi Barbara Dometrich (Okusan), co-founder and chairman of the U.S. Chito-kai, celebrated her 80th birthday on December 4th. A celebration in honor of this milestone was held at the Honbu dojo after the Black Belt Class on Saturday. The members, friends and family of the U.S. Chito-kai wish to express our love and gratitude to Okusan and wish her another 80 years of good health and happiness.

December Black Belt Class

The Black belt class on Saturday was shared by Four Shihans from different U.S. Chito-kai dojos. First, the class was started off by Shihan Don Schmidt from the Honbu dojo running the class through the four Kihon Doza's and Kihan Kata Itch, Ni and San with special emphasis on sound basics. Second, Shihan Shawna Lingo from Yoseikan Anderson led the class through repetitions of formal kata emphasizing the proper use of technique. Third, Shihan Michael Messinger from Bridgeport Yoseikan of West Virginia led the class emphasizing proper kime and relaxing to enable students to punch with maximum efficiency and power. Finally, the last 25 minutes of class were run by Shihan Paul Knecht from Yoseikan II of Cincinnati focusing on various Henshuho's emphasizing the difference between strict adherence to ?The Book? and what could happen in reality.

November Black Belt Class

Renshi John Wellbrock led the Black Belt Class on Saturday, November 5th on how to use the hip/tanden to generate power; thrust, rotation, counter rotation, snap, rising and falling. Taikyoku Yon Kata was practiced multiple times examining the hip movement for each technique. The second half of the class was dedicated to bunkai related to the various sequences of techniques from the kata.

Yamamoto Sensei Visit

On the last weekend of October, Meiyo Hanshi Dometrich, Kyoshi Kembre & Renshi Schmidt traveled to Dothan, Alabama to pay their respects to Yamamoto Sensei at the Yoshukai Open Karate Tournament sponsored by Michael Calbreth. Sensei is 77 years old and battling some health issues. He was very surprised and pleased to see and spend time with the members of the Chito-kai. Yamamoto Sensei and the Dometrich family have a history dating back to the mid 1960's. It was a long drive, but well worth it to see Yamamoto Sensei once again as well as spend time with members of the Yoshukai.

Honbu Repairs

The main construction to rebuild the front and fence of the Honbu dojo is complete. About a year ago, they were damaged during the fire and subsequent demolition of a neighboring building. A fund for the repairs was created and through the generosity of our members and friends the Honbu looks better than ever!

National Seminar

The 2016 National Seminar was held on October 15th at the Radisson Riverfront Hotel in Covington, Kentucky. The event was well attended and the time flew by. Thanks to our Shotokan "cousins" for attending as well as Sensei Gonzales from Chicago for teaching a segment on kumite.

National Test Board


The United States Chito Kai National testing was held on Friday night October 14, at the Yoseikan Honbu in Covington, Ky. The test board was comprised of: Kyoshi Lawrence Hawkins Jr. ESQ., Kyoshi Sherry Dometrich Kembre, Renshi Don Schmidt, Shihan Willie Elliot and Shihan Kevin Drummond. Renshi Gerald Meade, Renshi John Welbrock and Renshi Eric Ford ran the test while Shihan Shawna Lingo handled the paperwork. While the test board deliberated, Renshi John Welbrock ran the test participants and observers through deck drills on the upper deck.

New Black Belts
Pictured above from left to right:
Shawn Brown    Honbu Dojo    Sho Dan
Steven Smith Coleman    Fort Bragg Yoseikan    Sho Dan
Guy Kaiser    Yoseikan Anderson    Sho Dan
Matthew Cowherd    Honbu Dojo    Sho Dan

Other ranks received:
David Hickenlooper    Yoseikan Anderson    Ik kyu
Reggie Ward    Fort Bragg Yoseikan    Ni Dan
Richard Rike    Crozet Yoseikan    San Dan
Alex Pacak    Yoseikan II    San Dan
Sandra Pacak    Yoseikan II    San Dan
Eric Ernest    Honbu Dojo / US Army    Yon Dan

October Black Belt Class

October's Black Belt class was held on October 1st at the Honbu dojo. The class was shared by Renshi Schmidt and Renshi Wellbrock. Renshi Schmidt ran everyone through deck drills so that anyone planning on testing in front of the National Test Board in just a few weeks could get a taste of what they may be asked to demonstrate. Renshi Wellbrock led the Kata portion of the class. People interested in testing were provided valuable feedback by all of the black belts in attendance.

Visit to Crozet Yoseikan

By: John Wellbrock, Renshi

On Thursday September 8th through Saturday 10th, Sensei John Wellbrock, Renshi visited the Crozet Yoseikan in Charlotteville, Virginia. Training took place with the regular Thursday evening class, followed by an additional hour session with brown and black belts. Sensei Eric Ernest, who is currently stationed at Fort Lee in Virginia, drove over from Richmond and joined in on the training and also worked with the brown belts. Thank you Eric. Pizza post workout. Friday turned into a several hour session with Sensei Richard Rike and Sensei Wellbrock. Friday evening several of us enjoyed a wonderful meal at The Tea House, sushi of course! Saturday, I had the opportunity to teach another great group of Crozet students, followed by additional kata training after class. The three days together provided the opportunity for about 9 to 10 hours of training. Saturday evening Sensei Rike took me to the Mill Street Grill in Staunton for a great night of ribs and conversation. Overall, the training was only surpassed by my gracious hosts, Richard Rike and Erin Hagedorn, and the great welcome I received from all their students at the Crozet Yoseikan. I'm already looking forward to my next visit.

September Black Belt Class

After a summer filled with family trips, cookouts and hanging out at the pool, the USCK Black Belt classes resumed on Saturday, September 10th. Tasha Payne, one of our newest black belts, ran the warm-ups. Afterward, Kyoshi Kembre took over running the class. It was a good, honest workout focused on deck drills and kata familiar to anyone who's had the privilege of testing in front of the National Test Board (Ik-kyu candidates and above). Hanshi I'm sure was looking in on the class with that stern but satisfied look as Kyoshi Kembre did indeed "make us sweat". To wrap up the day, Renshi Schmidt took the last few minutes of the class to discuss tournament rules under the AAU and WKF.

Summer Training

By: Bill DiGrezio
L to R: Perrin Cowheard, Azar Bassett, Liam DiGrezio, Max Dieso

The summer of 2016 brought forth a unique introductory karate class. Changing-up the normal Saturday morning routine at the Honbu; the U8 (under 8 years old) division was given a chance to experience karate.

The idea sparked between Okusan, Sensei Wellbrock and Sensei Ernest. Sensei Wellbrock took lead on instructing the 45minute classes. What was really cool to me is that the classes fell among many of our highly anticipated summer events. Shoshugeiko, Kyoshi Lewis' karate tournament in Louisville, KY, and Bridgeport Yoseikan's annual seminar at Audra State Park, WV. These events gave some of the U8 karateka a glimpse into the larger love and family we have within the USCK ? not to mention the solid training, teaching, and ferocity that makes us the USCK.

Students were introduced to kihon, kata, kumite as well as kobudo As an observer it was inspiring to see the patience, dedication and thought that went into the planning and preparation of each week's class. The 8-weeks went by fast.

The momentum and success of the U8 division has inspired talks of a fall/winter session. There is more to come with this exciting reintroduction of youngsters training at the Honbu!

USCK Recognizes Trudy Skidmore of the WV Division of Natural Resources

Audra State Park's Trudy Skidmore recognized

West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Employee News
August 19, 2016

For more than 10 years during the first weekend in August, the Chito Kai Club has come to Audra State Park. This demonstration weekend hosts about 50 club members and provides an opportunity to earn certain degrees of belts and learn new exercises and skills. Campsite rentals for the weekend increase and many campers stay longer. Over the years, campground attendant Trudy Skidmore has become a key resource for this organization. Trudy goes above and beyond to assist the Chito Kai Club with setting up the training sites throughout the park and with various other tasks. The club honored Trudy for her dedication during their Aug. 6, 2016, annual meeting, presenting her with a special appreciation award for "spirit, dedication and honor." Skidmore has been a seasonal campground attendant at Audra State Park for 11 seasons. "She is a reason this organization selects Audra State Park as the place for their August weekend event each year," said Audra State Park Superintendent Jon Teets. "The hundreds of dedicated employees, just like Trudy Skidmore, are often the incentive for visitors to return season after season to park and forest facilities," said State Parks Chief Sam England. "That extra bit of attention to greeting and helping guests reflects positively for all of West Virginia's state parks."

West Virginia Camp

The annual training at Audra State Park occurred over the weekend of August 6th. For those of you that attended, thanks for coming and sharing in the training, especially those who traveled so far to be there. It is our hope that everyone took something of value from the excellent training that was presented. Thanks to Kevin and Cindy Drummond and Michael Messinger for the excellent hospitality and wonderful layout of food.

Youth Tournament

On Saturday, July 30th, Melvin Lewis held his last Youth Tournament in Louisville, Ky. He is stepping down after presenting these tournaments since the early 70's. Hopefully the next generation will continue on.

The United States Chito-kai was well represented by Cage and Bailey Spicer in addition to Shihan Hawkins III daughter, Leah. Kyoshi Kembre acted as coach for the competitors and Renshi Schmidt and Renshi Wellbrock served as judges.


Shochugeiko took place on Saturday, July 16th at Big Bone State Park in Union, Kentucky. We had a great turn out and the weather was perfect. In addition to members of the USCK, we had students from Melvin Lewis' school in Louisville, Kentucky join us as well as students from Jeff Thompson's Northern Kentucky Karate School. After the clinic, the picnic was great. The food was wonderful with a variety of side dishes and desserts to go with the hamburgers and hot dogs that our grill masters, Paul and Kathy cooked up for us. Thanks go out to the setup and clean up crews in addition to Shihan Barb Tarczynski that spent the week with Okusan shopping and putting things together. Last but not least, a big thanks to all of the instructors who volunteer their time teaching others.

Parkinson's Steady Strides 5K

The Hanshi's Heroes team participated in the Parkinson's Steady Strides 5K on Sunday, June 5th and raised $2,760 placing them 5th in overall fund-raising for the event. The team was made up of members from the Honbu and Anderson dojos with a total of 16 people participating. In addition to the participants, several people made donations in support of the cause (special thanks go out to Kathy Webster for her generosity). Also, Michael Shaefer donated a custom made knife that was raffed off at the USCK National Banquet. The raffle raised $500 that was donated to the Parkinson's fund.

May Black Belt Class

Black belt class was held on Saturday, May 7th. For the first hour, all of the kata were performed at least 2 times by the count and finally all the way through in one count. During the last hour, those that attended the DNBK's 5th World Butoku Sai in Kyoto, Japan shared what they had been taught by the instructors. Renshi Lingo reviewed the adaptations to sanbon kumite by using tai sabaki and a mae geri attack. Renshi Schmidt and Kyoshi Kembre went through 4 defensive drills related to the kata Saifa.

As is tradition, we will not be having black belt classes during the months of June, July and August. The next class will take place on Saturday, September 3rd.

Fifth World Butoku Sai


The Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (DNBK) held the Fifth World Butoku Sai and International Rensei Taikai throughout the week of April 24-30 in Kyoto, Japan with over seven hundred martial artists from twenty one nations worldwide.

Members from the Midwest team, led by Meiyo Hanshi Barbara Dometrich, participated in the event and received several individual as well as team excellence awards.

April Black Belt Class

On Saturday, April 2nd, Black Belt class was held at the Honbu dojo. Renshi Schmidt led the class beginning with an emphasis on breathing and posture and how important these factors are to basics such as a punching, crescent stepping, abdominal breathing, kicking, and relaxing. Students practiced abdominal breathing, often referred to as Sanchin breathing, while inhaling and exhaling which in itself rotates the pelvis back and the hips forward. Instruction included the importance of having proper pelvic and spine allignment before taking the yoi position. These techniques were practiced as the Sanchin kata was performed.

Instruction then moved on to focus on other Naha-style kata in the USCK curriculum beginning with Shihohai, Niseshi, Seisan and Sochin. Students performed each of these kata repetitively followed by Shime no kata before moving to the next Naha-style kata to control breathing and replenish oxygen to the lungs.

The last half hour involved knife defense and gun defense emphasizing the importance of breathing.

4th Memorial Hanshi Dometrich Seminar

The 4th Memorial Hanshi Dometrich Seminar took place on Saturday, March 12th at the Radisson Riverfront Hotel in Covington, Kentucky.

Many members were in attendance to celebrate Hanshi. Instruction was led by Kyoshi Lawrence Hawkins, Jr., Kyoshi Sherry Dometrich Kembre, Kyoshi Jerry Beshears, Renshi Manuel Byers, Renshi Don Schmidt, Shihan William Jansak and Shihan Michael Messinger. Assistant instructors were Shihan Willie Elliott, Shihan Lawrence Hawkins, III and Shihan Tony DiTerlizzi.

The after party at the Honbu dojo was a real nice time, with good attendance and plenty of food to share. It was good to visit with people we do not see often, especially those who traveled from out of town.

Dojo Visits 2016

By: Don Schmidt, Renshi

On March 4, 2016, I visited Sensei Pochinski"s dojo located on Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. I always enjoy visiting Sensei Po because he provides karate training to families of military personnel and his students train quite vigorously. Brianna"s elbow smashes were quite thunderous as she smacked a heavy bag much to the delight of her father, Carl.

Friday night is self-defense night at their dojo. So, I taught some self-defense techniques emphasizing that basics are self-defense. I emphasized that proper breathing is the first thing one has to do when confronted. If you do not breathe, you cannot relax. If you are not relaxed, you might panic and not be able to move. We did a variety of partner drills designed to prevent the bad guy from getting the upper hand.

Pictured above is the group photo which was taken in Ft. Bragg"s Army Combat Training Facility. From left to right is Steven, Isaac, me, Amber, Sensei Po, Zach, Reggie, Rosemary and Brianna.

Sensei Gordon Levin's Volunteerism Recognized by the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida


Congratulations Sensei Gordon Levin for receiving the "Volunteer of the Year" award from the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida. Sensei Levin received the award for selflessly teaching Chito-ryu karate to at-risk youth through the BGCCF.

February Black Belt Class

On Saturday, February 6th, Black Belt class was held at the Honbu dojo. Class was led by Kyoshi Jerry Beshears expounding on Seisan concepts; Shihan Terry Collis on Kihon deck drills and Jeff Thompson from Northern Ky Karate club on Shi Ho Wari drills. The class was very spirited and was over way too soon. Please note that the March Black Belt class has been cancelled in favor of attending the Hanshi Dometrich Memorial Clinic on March 12th.


Kangeiko was well attended by 19 energetic Karateka keeping the tradition started 36 years ago by Hanshi Dometrich at the Honbu dojo. This year, Shihan Jansak led the training assisted by Renshi Sherry Kembre. The overnight training started with a hearty dinner, followed by a brief meeting then lights-out at 10p. Trainings started at 3a in complete silence with a chill in the air and no clocks to tell the time. The training came to a close around 9a after the morning run. Warm tea was served followed by a hearty breakfast buffet.

Kagami Biraki

Kagami Biraki was held at the USCK Honbu dojo on Saturday, January 9th. We had a strong turnout of 42 members to celebrate the new year. Principal instructors were: Hanshi Holly, Shotokan; Kyoshi Kembre, Chito-ryu; Kyoshi Hawkins, Chito-ryu; Renshi Beshears, Chito-ryu; and Kyoshi Sheridan, Shorin-ryu. There was plenty of food and drink afterward and lots of camaraderie.

December Black Belt Class

The December Black Belt Class was held on December 5th at the honbu dojo. Renshi John Wellbrock led the first segment going over a Gojo-ryu kata that has tai sabaki and many moves shared with Chito-ryu. Renshi Don Schmidt closed out the class going over hip snap. Afterward, several members from the honbu, Yoseikan II and Yosekan Anderson gathered to share some birthday cake and wish Meiyo Hanshi (Okusan) Barbara Dometrich a very happy birthday.

Multiple Dojos Come Together To Celebrate Meiyo Hanshi's Birthday

On Saturday, December 5th, members of the honbu and Yoseikan Anderson dojos participated in the 10a Saturday morning class at the honbu to honor Meiyo Hanshi (Okusan) Barbara Dometrich's birthday (on Sunday). After the class, there was a celebration with pot-luck food and birthday cake.

November Black Belt Class

On Saturday, November 7th, Black Belt Class was held at the Honbu Dojo. Thanks to all that participated in this splendid class. The class started off with Renshi Schmidt leading the class with Kihon Kata Ichi, Ni and San. These kata were introduced to us in 1979 by Chitose Sensei's son Waka when he visited the Honbu dojo. Kihon Kata Ichi is a green two kata, Kihon Kata Ni is a brown two kata and Kihon Kata San is a black three kata. These kata get more complicated as the rank increases. The class then went into kata application, taught by Kyoshi Jerry Beshears, looking for defense or attack that can relate to the kata in a natural posture.

National Test Board

The United States Chito Kai National testing was held on Friday night October 17, at the Yoseikan Honbu in Covington, Ky. The test board was comprised of: Kyoshi Lawrence Hawkins Jr. ESQ., Kyoshi Sherry Dometrich Kembre, Renshi Eric Ford, Renshi John Wellbrock and Shihan William Jansak. Renshi Don Schmidt ran the test and Shihan Shawna Lingo handled the paperwork. Those who tested were awarded the following ranks:
Guy Kaiser    Yoseikan Anderson Dojo    Ik-Kyu
Brian Cobb    Yoseikan Anderson Dojo    Ik-Kyu
Shawn Brown    Honbu Dojo    Ik-Kyu
Tasha Payne    Honbu Dojo    Sho Dan
Jake Solomon    Yoseikan Anderson Dojo    Sho Dan
Zach Locklear    Ft. Bragg Dojo    Sho Dan
Zach Bowling    Yoseikan Anderson Dojo    Sho Dan
Skip Collier    Yoseikan II Dojo    San Dan
Dr. Willie Elliot    Yoseikan II Dojo    Go Dan

October Black Belt Class

Black Belt class was held on Saturday October 3rd. The class was opened by Kyoshi Kembre and the warm up's were led by Jeff Thompson from Northern Ky Karate Club. Renshi Eric Ford taught the first session of kicking techniques on the punching bags and the makiwari with various stretching exercises to work on correct foot positioning. Renshi Gerald Meade had the second session of kokyu waza, breathing exercises to take the opponents center. He related Chito-ryu to Aikido techniques emphasizing the breathing.

September Black Belt Class

After the summer break, black belt classes resumed on September 12th, 2015. There was a good turnout with representatives from the United States Chito-kai in addition to other schools/styles. The class started with a discussion about the secrets of karate backed by some excerpts from a few books. We then proceeded to run through deck drills and several kata with an emphasis on exercising those secrets. Much of the core part of the class focused on Potsai (with an effort to help out our guest Ni-kyu's) & Sanshiryu. We wrapped up the day working on a partner kata called Hagi Kuri that was learned at the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai's 2015 Kensho Kai.

Audra State Park


The annual Audra State Park camp and seminar happened on August 8, 2015. There was a nice turn out and the training sessions went well. The day started with a warm-up and basics led by Shihan Drummond. Renshi Schmidt reviewed kata with the advanced students while Kyoshi Kembre worked with the Green Belts and Shihan Lingo worked with the Orange and yellow Belts. Later, Shihan Collis worked with everyone on Kumite concepts, and Renshi Schmidt ended with the bo kata Sakugawa No Kon Sho. During the seminar, Kyoshi Hawkins worked with Ik-kyu and Shodan candidates that are considering testing in front of the National Test Board in October. After the seminar and a cool-off in the river there was a cookout with excellent food and good conversations. If you missed out on attending this year, start making plans to attend next August. Shihan Drummond and Sesei Michael Messigner host a great seminar.



On Saturday, July 11th, the U.S. Chito-kai held its annual summer training at Big Bone Lick State Park in Boone County, Kentucky. Many karate brothers and sisters travelled from far and wide to participate. We were also lucky enough to have a few of our cousins from other styles join in as well. After the training, we were treated to a family style picnic in the nearby shelter. Thanks again to Okusan for all of the hard work she put into organizing another successful event. Thanks also go out to the Shochugeiko instructors and the many behind-the-scenes helpers without which the event would not be possible.

The Passing of Shojiro Sugiyama

From Kentaro Sugiyama: To my Facebook Friends and many Friends of Karate,

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of the passing of my father, Shojiro Sugiyama. My father, also simply known as "Sensei" among his students and many karate circles, quietly and peacefully passed away in his sleep on Thursday, June 25, 2015, at 1 AM, at his home in Skokie, Illinois. My mother and I were at his side. He was 85 years old.

Per Japanese custom and my father"s wishes, there was no funeral, ceremony, or memorial. He was cremated on Saturday and his remains were brought home on Tuesday. When the time comes, my mother wishes to be cremated, combined with my father"s remains, and have their ashes scattered in Lake Michigan.

If you knew my father, you would understand that he would not have wanted to draw attention to himself. Also, with Japanese culture, my mother does not wish to make an imposition on anyone regarding my father"s passing, preferring to keep it quiet and private, at least during the initial seven-day mourning period (shonanoka). Therefore, please, flowers or donations to charity are not necessary; however, your thoughts and prayers are most appreciated.

My mother and I would like to thank close friends of the family for their thoughts and support during this difficult time. We would also like to express our gratitude to my father"s numerous odeshisan, literally meaning "disciple", "adherent", "pupil", "follower", or "student", for their many, many years of patronage, support, and friendship. My father may not have expressed it openly, but he was very proud of his students and their many accomplishments in the field of Karate. I am sure that he was honored to have had the opportunity to instruct, and in return, be instructed in the many mysteries of life.

With deepest gratitude and blessings,

Kentaro Sugiyama

U.S. Chito-kai Pays Tribute to Officer Sonny Kim (Sensei)

By: Don Schmidt, Renshi

Sensei Sonny Kim was murdered on Friday, June 19, 2015, while in the line of duty as a Cincinnati police officer. A tragic, sad, and most unfortunate loss to his family, friends, karate family, the city and many others. As Okusan mentioned in her email, he was a U.S. Chito-ryu practitioner for about a dozen years.

He joined the U.S. Chito-Kai as a ni-dan around 1985 after years of practicing Shotokan. In 1987, Sensei Kim was promoted to san-dan in Chito-ryu by Hanshi Dometrich. About 1988, Hanshi encouraged and supported Sensei Kim to fulfill his desire to be a Cincinnati police officer. In 1994, Hanshi Dometrich and O-sensei Tsuruoka promoted Sensei Kim to yon-dan in Chito-ryu. About 1997, Sensei Kim ended his affiliation with the U.S. Chito-Kai.

In most recent years, Sensei Kim attended Chito-ryu black belt classes, seminars and the DNBK Kagami Biraki training. During the January 9, 2011, Kagami Biraki training, he assisted in providing instruction.

Some U.S. Chito-Kai members attended a special training class on Wednesday June 24, 2015, in his honor which was hosted by his karate students. On Thursday, June 25, 2015, Okusan and several U.S. Chito-Kai members attended Sensei Kim"s visitation services. WCPO TV had extensive coverage for these events which can be viewed on their website or clicking on the videos below.


Hanshi's Heroes

The 2015 Steady Strides Parkinson's 5K was a huge success for the Hanshi's Heroes team. Thanks to those that participated and the many others that donated money for this worthwhile cause. At race day, our team had moved up to 8th place among teams participating in the event. Of special note, Samantha Lingo finished 2nd in her age division with a time of 21:36.

Medical Edge: Karate Healing

Kyoshi Beshears recently gave an interview on Local 12 WKRC-TV regarding his battle with esophageal cancer. His doctors credit his amazing recovery to his decades of mental and physical conditioning through martial arts.

Click here for the full story.

April Black Belt Class

The April Black Belt Class was held at the U.S. Chito-kai Honbu dojo on April 11th, 2015. Shihan Bill Jansak warmed up the group followed by Renshi Gerald Meade taking the class through bunkai associated with Taikyoku-Ichi. For the last half of class, Renshi Eric Ford focused on Seisan, Chinto and Sochin.

Hanshi Dometrich 3 Year Memorial Clinic

On Saturday, March 14th, the Hanshi Dometrich 3 Year Memorial Clinic was held at the Radisson Riverfront Hotel in Covington, KY. The event was well attended and included a few "cousins" from other styles. Many travelled in from out of state to attend the event. After the clinic, a pot-luck celebration feast was held at the U.S. Chito-kai Honbu. Great food and great camaraderie was had by all.

Dojo Visits 2015

By: Don Schmidt, Renshi

The year 2015 began milder than the previous year, but nevertheless I transformed into a snowbird and headed south to sunny Florida. I look forward to returning for various reasons; one reason is that I get the opportunity to visit friends and dojo as I slowly return.
My first dojo visit on March 4, was at Sensei Gordon Levin"s dojo in Orlando where he continues to teach at the youth center. We also had a few minutes at the end of class to review advanced kata before the janitor started giving us hints that it was time for her (us) to leave. As you can see by the picture, his students are fighting machines.

I also spoke to Shihan James Acampora about training, but his youngest daughter was getting married on that Saturday. Shihan Jamie Brinkley was also busy with her own schedule.

My second stop was at Ft. Bragg to visit Shihan Pochinski"s dojo. His dojo is now located in the military"s hand-to-hand combat facility on the base which enables his students to utilize some of the amenities the facility offers, i.e. padded flooring, kicking apparatuses of all shapes, and other useful tools. Thus, his students are doing well with break falls and can punch and kick a bag whenever they get the urge. His students continue to impress me with their overall execution of Chito-Ryu karate.

Honbu Visit

L to R: Kyoshi Nishime, Kyoshi Barbara Dometrich, Hanshi Rony Kluger,
Kyoshi Sherry (Dometrich) Kembre
Rony Kluger, Hanshi from Israel DNBK and Kyoshi Nishime from Cincinnati visited the U.S. Chito-Kai Headquarters on February 10, 2015.

February Black Belt Class

The February Black Belt Class was held at the U.S. Chito-kai Honbu dojo on February 7th, 2015. Paul Knecht from Yoseikan II focused on bunkai based on the movements of Ju-Ni-Waza. He explained that the term "basics" referring to the movements we were all taught as beginners should more properly be thought of as "foundational". Kyoshi Sherry (Dometrich) Kembre took over the second half of the class as we worked on Kusanku Dai in addition to Seisan and Chinto.


L to R: Shihan Kevin Drummond,
Renshi Eric Ford
On January 30th and 31st, the 35th annual Kangeiko was held at the Honbu dojo. This year, Renshi Eric Ford directed the training with the help of Shihan Kevin Drummond. It was a good turnout of students from the Honbu, Ft. Bragg Yoseikan, Yoseikan Anderson and West Viriginia for the overnight training designed to challenge body, mind and spirit.

Kagami Biraki

Kagami Baraki was held at the Honbu dojo on Saturday, January 10th. In celebration of the new year, 28 members were in attendance representing several traditional karate styles. Hanshi Dwight Holly, Kyoshi Sherry Kembre, Kyoshi Jerry Beshears and Renshi Melvin Lewis were the teaching staff. Everyone walked away learning something from this great staff, made some new dojo friends and had some good laughs while partaking of the great food provided afterward.

Mrs. Chitose (O'Sensei's wife)

On January 8th, 2015, Mrs. Chitose (O'Sensei's wife) passed away peacefully in Kumamoto City, Japan. She was 96 years old. The U.S. Chito-kai wishes to express our sincere condolences and sympathy to her family.

December Black Belt Class

The December Black Belt Class was held at the U.S. Chito-kai Honbu dojo on December 6, 2014. Renshi Schmidt led the class with Black Belt kata and Kyoshi Beshears continued on with Bunkai for the kata. Many stayed afterwards to celebrate Okusan's birthday (12/4).

Public Memorial Service for Masami Tsuruoka

A public memorial service has been arranged for Masami Tsuruoka in Toronto, Canada. Donations will be accepted.

Date: Sunday, November 23, 2014
Time: Doors will open at 11 a.m. Celebration start time TBD.
RSVP: Please indicate you plan to attend by email (
Location: Eaton Chelsea Hotel, 33 Gerrard Street W, Toronto, ON, Canada
Online Reservations: In Memory of Sensei Masami Tsuruoka (Discounted Rate)
Reservations by Phone: 1-800-CHELSEA. Specify that you are a part of the "In Memory of Sensei Masami Tsuruoka" group to receive the discounted rate.

November Black Belt Class

The November Black Belt Class was held at the U.S. Chito-kai Honbu dojo on November 1, 2014. For those who didn"t attend, you missed a great once in a lifetime opportunity. Sensei Oka was a delightful person and taught the entire two hour session. Many techniques he showed and taught are much like things we do in Chito-ryu. Walter Oka is a very interesting and unique man.

Masami Tsuruoka Obituary

Published in the Toronto Star on Oct. 14, 2014

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Masami Tsuruoka, O'Sensei, on October 10, 2014 at the age of 85. He leaves behind his loving wife Kay of 65 years, sons David (Cathy) and Kazumi, grandchildren Lucas, Christopher and Stephanie. Predeceased by his sister Hideko and brother Masaaki. Survived by his sister Ayame. Masami lived his life with dedication, loyalty, and passion which impacted the lives of so many. Loved and respected by many families, friends and martial arts students worldwide. He will be remembered in the hearts of many and for the legacy he leaves behind. He will be memorialized as the Father of Canadian Karate-Do. Many have benefited so much from this great man and we will treasure many memories created by and shared with O'Sensei. He will be missed and we mourn his passing very deeply. Masami Tsuruoka Foundation is being formed and donations can be made through the Tsuruoka Karate Organization. A private funeral will be held by the family. A memorial will be held at a later date in Celebration of O'Sensei's life.

October Testing, Seminar & Banquet

The annual U.S. Chito-kai Fall Event took place over the weekend of October 10th in celebration of O-Sensei Chitose's birthday. The National testing on Friday evening went well along with the Board meeting Saturday morning. The afternoon Seminar was well attended as was the evening Banquet.

September Black Belt Class

The September Black Belt Class was held at the U.S. Chito-kai Honbu dojo on September 6, 2014. The class was led by Kyoshi Hawkins and was the first black belt class held after the summer break. Time was spent on basic kata, Chinto, Shochin, Tenshin & Ryusan. We additionally worked in pairs on basic kumite drills. At the end of class several of the people planning to appear in front of the National Test Board in October were given a chance to perform their test kata alone in front of the group.

Audra State Park

On the weekend of August 9th, the West Virginia summer camp was held at Audra State Park; a beautiful location along the river in the mountains. It was a wonderful weekend for those who camped or elected to stay in a local hotel. Members attended from Ft. Bragg, NC., West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. The seminar was 5 hours of non-stop training, starting off with Shihan Drummond leading the group in Basics. Next, Shihan Collis and Kyoshi Beshears led the participants in Kumite concepts and drills. Sensei Messinger lead the class on sport as well as real-life street Kumite theory. Renshi Schmidt led the class with the Bo Kata Sakagawa no kon sho. The last hour was Kata led by Kyoshi Sherry Dometrich Kembre. It was a very fast 5 hours of training and afterward, some of the die-hards swam in the 58°F river. A cookout was held at Billy Messinger's cabin on the river that evening and everyone got to visit and tell war story's about past trainings and experiences with Hanshi at these camps. Hanshi was looking after us and the rain that was expected held off. Spirits were very high throughout the weekend.


Shochugeiko was a great success! Despite the early rain shower in the morning, it did not hinder or stop the training in any way. Thanks to all those who participated and for all of the people behind the scenes who kept things running smoothly. There were a few visitors who came to visit and lend their support. All-in-all it was a great experience and a fun day. Thank you all for once again making Hanshi proud.

Hanshi's Heroes

L to R: Renshi Eric Ford, Nikki Corbett, Sensei Reggie Corbet,
Sensei Shawna Lingo, Samantha Lingo, Catherine Grebert, Renshi Don Schmidt,
Kyoshi Sherry (Dometrich) Kembre, Guy Kaiser, Sensie Bill DiGrezio,
Shihan Joe Petty
The 2014 Steady Strides Parkinson's 5-K Walk was a huge success for the Hanshi's Heroes team. The team raised a total of $2098. Wearing the new team shirt, the following participated in the walk: Kyoshi Kembre, Renshi Schmidt, Renshi Ford, Shihan Petty, Sensei Shawna Lingo, Samantha Lingo, Sensei Bill DiGrezio, Sensei Reggie Corbet, Nikki Corbett, Guy Kaiser and Catherine Grebert.
L to R: Samantha Lingo, Catherine Grebert
Samantha Lingo won her age group in the run. It was a perfect day for a walk/run. We would like to thank the many businesses and Chito-ryu schools that had the collection jar out for the past 8 months collecting for the team. Several people donated online to our team and we hope that we can raise more next year to help end Parkinson's disease.

Shihan Wes Ernest Orlando Dojo Visits

On a recent vacation to Orlando Florida, Shihan Wes Ernest visited James Acampora and trained with a few of his students. He also visited Gordon Levin at the Boys and Girls club.

May Black Belt Class

The May Black Belt Class was held at the U.S. Chito-kai Honbu dojo on May 3, 2014. The class was taught by Renshi Terry Collis. He worked the yudansha on San Sai Dai, a kata which was taught at the March seminar by Hanshi Dwight Holly and one of Hanshi Dometrich's older kata's taught back in the late 60's, early 70's. The second half of the class was lead by Renshi Eric Ford who taught the remainder of the class on kicking techniques. Time went swiftly so there was not time to round out the class with knife defence techniques as was originally planned. This was the last Black Belt Class prior to the summer break. Classes will resume again in September.

Missing from the photograph above are Laura Deck (left early) and Linda Clement Holmes (kind enough to take photo).

April Black Belt Class

The April Black Belt Class was held at the U.S. Chito-kai Honbu dojo on April, 5, 2014. The class consisted of basic warm up's, Sanchin kata paying particular importance to foot work, then moving on to Chokusen kata and finishing off with Knife defence. Those who will be testing at the National test board in October were given some one-on-one instruction.

Hanshi Dometrich Birthday Seminar

There was a great turnout for the Hanshi Dometrich Birthday Seminar at the Radisson Hotel on Saturday, March 15th. It was gratifying to see so many members coming together for such a celebration, not only Chito-ryu but Shotokan and Futatsu-no-ryu members as well. The theme of the Seminar was Old School and all that was taught at the seminar was reflected back on Hanshi's teachings. After the seminar, a party was held at the U.S. Chito-kai Honbu dojo. It was a full house of families and friends. New friendships were formed and old friendships renewed. All-in-all it was a great day and we can be sure that Hanshi was there and proud of us all.

February Black Belt Class

The February Black Belt Class was held at the U.S. Chito-kai Honbu dojo on February, 1, 2014. Class was lead by Gerald Meade, Terry Collis and Kyoshi Sherry Kembre. In attendance was a young lady who is a student of Yutaka Yaguchi Sensei's from Denver Colorado. She demonstrated several Kata and was very impressive.

35th U.S. Chito-kai Kangeiko

Kangeiko 2014 was attended by 14 die-hards in the sub 0 weather and 4 inches of fresh snow. Now it's time to bring on the warm weather!! Renshi Gerald Meade did a great job of putting the training material together for all levels appropriate to all that attended. He lead by example by running barefooted in the snow. Assisting him was Renshi Wellbrock and Shihan Jansak. Everyone said the six hours flew by. On friday evening a pasta dinner was served to all before orientation and lights out, Spaghetti was made and contributed by Paul Webster. After the training at 9am a breakfast was served. Kitchen help was Michael Messinger, Kevin Drummond, Kathy Webster, Sherry Kembre and of course Okusan. All went smooth with good food, friendships renewed, and new ones made. Hanshi would have been very proud. He left us in good hands. You can be proud of these leaders. The U.S. Chito-kai is doing well! In 2015, we hope that more members will participate in this unique experience.

Kagami Biraki

Kagami Baraki was held at the Honbu dojo on Saturday, January 11th. In celebration of the new year, 35 members were in attendance representing the United States Chito-kai, Cincinnati Shotokan and the Northern Kentucky Karate Club.

Yasushi Yamada Visit

Sensei Yasushi Yamada of the Japan Chito-kai traveled from Tokyo, Japan over the weekend of November 2nd. It was good to visit and catch up with him as he has been a long time friend of the U.S. Chito-kai and Hanshi and Okusan's. Although Yamada Sensei's stay was brief, his primary purpose of visiting Hanshi's grave and paying his respects to Okusan were achieved to which he was very happy and thankful.

November Black Belt Class

Black Belt class was held on November 2, 2013 at the Honbu dojo. Kyoshi Kembre ran a great first half of class and guided us through katas from beginner to advanced. Key points and details were discussed and practiced along the way. The second half of class was run by Renshi Schmidt and focused on reviewing the taisabake shown to us by Kugimiya Sensei during the National Seminar in October. The class finished up by practicing a few weapon disarming techniques.

National Testing, Seminar & Banquet

The National Testing, Board Meeting, Seminar and Banquet were held on October 11th & 12th, 2013. Kugimiya Sensei visited us from California and was very impressed with everything that went on the whole weekend. The seminar was geared for everyone and the banquet turned out great...full house! The program went well and the food was the best we have had at any banquet. Thank you for your support of the United States Chito-kai by attending these events.

October Black Belt Class

Black Belt class was held on October 5, 2013 at the Honbu dojo. Remember, Black Belt Classes are held the first Saturday of each month for the months of September through May.

September Black Belt Class

Black Belt class was held on September 7, 2013 at the Honbu dojo. It was good to see everyone after the summer break.

Training in West Virginia

The West Virginia seminar and camp out went off very well on August 24. The weather was ideal, training was nothing new, just a different spin on how things were presented. Many commented on how they learned some new ways to teach techniques to take back to their Dojo's. Instruction was shared by Kyoshi Hawkins, Kyoshi Dometrich Kembre, Shihan Schmidt, Shihan Drummond, and Sensei Messinger. Sensei Carol Hays helped with the youth class and Sensei Bill DiGrezio assisted with warm ups.

Ft. Bragg Yoseikan Visit

On August 12th and 13th, 2013, Kyoshi Sherry Kembre and Shihan Don Schmidt traveled to Fayetteville, NC to train with the students of Sensei Pochinski at Ft. Bragg Yoseikan.

Charlottesville, Virgina Visit

On August 10th and 11th, 2013, Kyoshi Sherry Kembre and Shihan Don Schmidt traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia to visit and train with Jack Little and his wife Debbie.


Sochugeiko was held on at Big Bone Lick State Park on Saturday, July 20, 2013. The event was well attended by many familiar and some new faces. Several came from far and wide to attend. Afterward, a picnic was held at the park shelter. Good food, good conversation, new friendships were formed and old friendships renewed.

Steady Strides Parkinson's Walk

Our 2013 Steady Strides Parkinson's Walk-a-thon team, Punch Out Parkinson's, in honor of Hanshi Dometrich. Louise Egan and Ed Miska members of Kyoshi Richard Mark's dojo in Victoria British Columbia were present. They are members of the D.N.B.K. and became our friends while in Japan last year at the World Butoku Sai. It was great getting to share stories and walk for a great cause with members from the U.S.Chito-kai, while raising money to find a cure for Parkinson's Disease. Our team raised over $1600. Thank you to all that donated to our team. A great big shout out to our D.N.B.K. friends from England, Kyoshi Payne and his crew for donating to this cause.

A great week of training at the Honbu Dojo - May 4th thru May 7th

Saturday May 4th regular class Kyoshi Kembre taught a great class of kata up to Niseishi sho/dai. Continuing on in Blackbelt class at 1 PM with all kata up to Tenshin. The men finished with the first 15 Henshuho, led by Shihan Schmidt and the women finished with Kata's Kusanku and Sanshiryu. A very nice crowd of 21 Blackbelts not counting those whom were injured that came to watch and collaborate with everyone . Sunday May 5th began at 9:30 AM with Shihan Ford and I working Ryusan, Kusanku and Sanshiryu, with Kyoshi Beshears arriving at 11:00 AM to continue on with Sanshiryu , Sanshiryu Bunkai and various Bunkai from various Kata finishing around 2 PM. At 4PM Shihan Petty arrived and we worked on Kusanku, kumite ideas and free kumite. Finishing around 6PM. Tuesday May 7th evening class began with basic punches, blocks and kicks. Last hour consisted of Taikyoku Ichi, Ni, Juniku and sanbon kumite. Shihan Wellbrock did a great job. Assisted by Shihan Ernest.

Thanks to all of those whom offered their time and great skill to make this a great week of training.

Shihan Kevin Drummond
Bridgeport Yoseikan
Bridgeport , WV

May Black Belt Class

The final Black Belt Class of the Spring was held on Saturday, May 4th, 2013 at the honbu dojo. It was good to see Terry Collis who is recovering from a shoulder operation, Michael Shaefer left knee operation , Gerald Meade right knee operation and Jerry Beshears recovering from esophagus cancer. It was great to feel the camaraderie before during and after the class. Class consisted of first hour: all kata up to Tenshin. Second hour: 1 through 15 Henshuho for the men and Kata's Kusanku and Sanshi-ryu for the women. Upcoming events include Shochugeiko in July and the West Virgina clinic in August. Black Belt classes will resume in September.

DNBK Kensho Kai

Representatives and supporters of the Midwest DNBK attended the Kensho Kai event to celebrate the spirit of Hanshi Dometrich on March 23, 2013 in Norfolk, Virginia.

Loss of a Good Friend

On March 19, 2013 Mr. Morita passed away at his apartment above the Honbu dojo. He was a generous person and true friend. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Hanshi Dometrich Memorial Seminar

The Hanshi Dometrich Memorial Seminar was held on Saturday, March 16, 2013 at the NKU Albright Health Center. The event was very well attended and highlighted by personal remembrances of Hanshi as well as demonstrations from the dojos in attendance.

March Black Belt Class

Black Belt class was held on March 9, 2013 at the Honbu dojo. Class consisted of Ryusan & Kusanku led by Kyoshi Hawkins and Henshuho's led by William Jansak. A meeting was held with Kyoshi Kembre, Kyoshi Hawkins and Kyoshi Dometrich (Okusan) to establish an agenda for the upcoming Hanshi Memorial seminar.

Yoseikan Orlando Visits

On March 6th and 7th, 2013, Shihan Don Schmidt of the Honbu Dojo visited Shihan James Acampora at Yoseikan Orlando II and Shihan Jamie Binkley at Yoseikan Orlando III. In addition, Yoseikan Orlando III held kyu testing during Shihan Schmidt's visit. Next stop Fort Bragg Yoseikan.

Northern Kentucky University Karate Class

March 7, 2013 - The NKU PE 114 class just wrapped up...too soon according to many of the students who enjoyed the instruction provided by Shihan Terry Collis of the Honbu Dojo assisted by Sensei Shawna Lingo of Yoseikan Anderson.

Kangeiko at the Honbu

The annual winter training was held at the Honbu dojo on Saturday, January 26, 2013 and led by Shihan John Wellbrock.

Kagami Biraki at the Honbu

30 members got together on January 5, 2013 to celebrate Kagami Biraki; a rededication of one's spirit, effort and discipline toward the goals of the New Year


On December 24, 2012, Shihan Don Schmidt proposed to Kyoshi Sherry Kembre and presented her with an engagement ring.